Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Belated Monday 21st Nov 2011

Well I never got round to putting anything on here yesterday, not as if didn't have the time, but day just seemed to zoom.

Anyway yesterday started with usual porridge but I had mine late, around lunch time and hubby didn't have his breakfast till about then as he was delayed in work so home late ( he doesn't eat before he leaves in morning its to early for him, just before 6am).

Main meal was Spag Bol  for him and Mince and Pasta for me.  I cooked the mince for both of us together but then separated it and made the tomato sauce for him and just added gravy for me.

Some asked if I could put my recipes so I will do that now - will put this one on here and go back and put the others on relevant pages.

Spag Bol and Mince with pasta

For Both

250g Mince
Onion Salt - hubby does not like chunks of onion in this meal only
1 Veg Stock Cube
1 Beef Stock Cube
Water to cover

For variety I add different herbs each time I make this like Oregano

Bring to boil and simmer for 20 mins

Then put have the mince in another pan with a bit of the gravy

In first pan make up gravy powder ( I use Bisto) and bring back to boil and add pasta to it, simmer for 5 mins

For the Spag Bol

Tomato Puree ( I put in 100g can)
Sugar to taste

Add the tomato puree and sugar to the mince with only a little gravy, add water but keep stirring as you put it in as you want the sauce to be thick but not to thick, to be like a very thick soup.  Bring to boil and simmer for about 10 mins.  Add Pasta, simmer for 5 mins stirring to ensure all pasta is covered by the sauce.

Pasta - 200gs per person, less for a child - put in pan cover with water and bring to boil, simmer until as tender as you wish.  Drain and add to the mince

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