Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Tuesday 22nd Nov 2011

Well today as usual started with porridge with honey its funny how I enjoy that so much now, could not go back to sugar.

Lunch was believe it or not some bakewell tart - made on Saturday its amazing how big it was and how filling and it has to be used up.  Will add the recipe for it to Saturdays blog.

Dinner was stewing steak cooked in slow cooker served with Veg suet dumplings.

Stew and Dumplings - for two in Slow Cooker

250g Stewing Steak
1 tin tomatoes
salt and pepper to taste
1 large or two small onions cut up small
Gravy Powder or granules made up with a bit more of them to the water as in directions as you have the liquid from the tomatoes.

Put all in slow cook and cook on high for about 6hrs or low for 8 - 10 hrs


400 g Self Raising Flour
100g  Vegetable or Beef Suet
Pinch of Salt
Water to make into soft dough

90 mins before end of cooking make dough into balls and add to slow cooker.  I know many books says and hour or less but I find they are not cooked fully and have not absorbed enough of the liquid with less.

We had a bit later a whoopsie buy - 2 bain maries for 54p, handy for the ramikins they were in as I have a habit of dropping and smashing them.

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