Thursday, 24 November 2011

Thursday 24th November 2011

Well benefits advisor came to fill in dreaded ESA form.  He took all my details and what I could and couldn't do and took it away to fill in.  He told me that the form is a laugh really as they do not bother reading them, its all on the medical whether I will receive ESA or not, and he admitted unlikely and so will have to appeal but if so I will stay on lowest level of ESA until appeal so at least that means I have a bit longer before its likely we will be living on just hubby's wages even if money will be £40 a week less, better than nothing.

Today all the drivers at hubby's work were called into a meeting, with all the cuts they are looking for 8 redundancies at least and if there are not enough people coming forward to take up redundancy they will choose so now we wait.

Have put a roast chicken in oven with potatoes for tonight.  Went mad and covered it with lemon juice as had some lemons that had to be used up and brushed honey over it.  Just checked it and top is browning nicely and almost cooked.

Porridge of course started the day with the honey, then I actually had a pear - managed to buy a bag that was reduced to 50p and 9 pears in it on Tuesday along with a few bags of apples costing 40 each and 12 in each.  I have to give these hands of mine a good talking to so that I can get them peeled and cooked before they go off, but they are tasty to eat but will never eat them all in time.

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