Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sunday 20th Nov 2011

Well another day of food to make.

I got up late so ended up have just HM bread for brunch with marg and anchovy paste on it ( yes I love them, so many don't).  Hubby also got up late but had his breakfast.

For main meal tonight I will serve what is left of the chicken soup with HM bread I think, then for main course I will serve the breasts I made the soup with.  Its gone 4pm and not yet decided what to do with them.  I will just get them out and basically make up something as I go.  I know I will do them in a gravy, if not they will be very dry when reheated and hubby will not eat them cold.  I might throw some rice in steamer and make a chilli with the chicken, but might change my mind when I get down there.

For afters I still have half the HM Bakewell Tart I make for afters yesterday so we will have that, no doubt hubby will want his with custard as he did yesterday:)

Update:  I just threw the chicken in the oven with potatoes, tin of tomatoes, some bisto gravy powder, onions and salt and pepper.

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