Sunday, 20 November 2011

A Bit More

A bit more about my plans to try and save m0ney.

I have a very small steep back garden, when I dug up the grass and planted vegetables in it all that happened was the plants and soil ended up down by the back door on the patio ( I call it a patio, makes me feel posh but its only two flags stones width between house and start of garden.  So I gave up that idea and grew flowers, vegetables, fruit and herbs in containers.  This worked well but lack of space meant I could not grow many.  

So the plan is to turn the side garden into a vegetable garden.  The big problem there is I am on a main road into the city and so plenty of people, ok in cars, going past as well as well as those on foot going to bus stops, local shops or elsewhere.  We live in a conservation area which has the most rediculous rules so garden fence can be only 3ft high, very easy for anyone nimble person to hop over it and help themselves to what I grow.  In past just before Mothers Day my daffodil population has usually gone down rather a lot with people helping themselves.  So to use the side garden means spending money.  So have just had put in in 100 Hawthorn mainly mixed hedges in the hope that in a few years they will deter anyone wanting to hop over, rather prickly Hawthorns.  Until they grow they I will just have to hope most if not all my vegetables survive as I do not want to wait until hedges are grown.

So with this in mind I planted in September some vegetables all hidden under fleece tunnels.  So far now have gone walkies, but then none are doing that well either.  My leeks are very thing and cauliflower consists of leaves only, no sign of any white in middle.  Lettuce only has about 6 leaves.  I am not sure what is going wrong - side garden faces south, all planted in good compost and fed but alas it looks like my green fingers that I seemed to have when growing in pots seems to have turned black.  They are all plants suitable to be planted in Autumn, but it has been so mild maybe that is what is holding them up. So all I can do is leave them and hope for a sudden growth spurt.

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