Sunday, 20 November 2011

Can we live healthily?

Well like so many people nowadays ( Nov 2011) our income is going down and with rising prices across the board making sure we eat healthily yet do not fall into debt is become harder and harder.

So drastic measures are needed.  Its no use just buying less and less as eventually we might eat enough to keep from being hungry, but the diet most likely will not be healthy.  I need to try and ensure we live within budget yet eat healthily.

I am starting by looking in to what was eaten during World War Two.  Its reported that the British people during that time ate healthier than in any other time in known history.

I am do not intend to actually live on only what was available during that time, not unless money becomes so short that, that would be the only things we can afford, but hope to base what we will eat on the restrictions but then add to it.  So whereas the rations allowed 3 pints of milk per person if more is needed I will buy it.  Tinned goods were subject to availability but I will buy what we use and not try and pretend some things were unavailable.

I hope to plan a core menu, one that is based on just the rations, with odd extras that were available at times.  This as stated would only be put into practise if money very tight either due to income going down again, prices rising even more or we need to save up to buy something.

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