Sunday, 20 November 2011

Saturday 19th Nov 2011

Well might as well get it over with, the first meals following my frugal, menu - not that I have actually written out a menu, they never work with me, but I will work out a meal plan so I have enough in to feed us for a week or so.

Breakfast - Porridge 40gs with water but sweetened with honey ( I do not add salt to anything except actual cooking food like soups. stews etc.,)

Lunch Tin of Tomato soup - it was in and cheaper than making it and no not the H brand, do love it but to expensive.

Evening Meal - HM Chicken soup made with lots of vegetables,  blitzed with a hand blender and served with Home Made bread 

Pudding - Bakewell Tart taking from We'll Eat Again - only as I had almonds in I blitzed them in grinder and added them instead of the breadcrumbs that were used instead also had no soya flour in ( must check the recipes and see if its used a lot and if so buy some in) used plain flour.  Apart from them stuck to the rest of the recipe and boy did it raise and next time I will make far less shortcrust pastry as to much, about half should do us.  I think back then they liked thick pastry as it helped fill them up.

So that is it for today.  Not quite 1940's but then could have been if you had a chicken that was past laying so better in pot than eating precious food that could be given to layers - I wonder if I kept chickens if I could have done that, easy to pretend but could I do it for real.

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