Sunday, 20 November 2011

Books and Websites I Am Using

We'll Eat Again Marguerite Patten 
Thrifty Tips From The War Years Jancie Anderson 
Make Do and Mend Reproductions of official WW2 instruction leaflets 
Digging for Victory Mr Middleton 
Make, Mend, Bake, Save & Shine Jo Godfrey 
LIVING FRUGAL TECHNIQUES: Decorating, Pest Control, Recipes, And Cleaning Products On A Dime [Kindle Edition] Pepper Rosanne  
LIVING FRUGALLY: Tips On Saving Money And Living Within Your Means [Kindle Edition] Pepper Rosanne  
The Wartime Kitchen and Garden - The Home Front 1939 - 45 Jennifer Davis 
Good Eating - Suggestions for Wartime Dishes 2'- net A new Selection of Daily Telegraph Readers Tested Recipes

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